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Fusion is our high performing algorithm created by Samuel Leach. It trades the GBP/USD currency pair and profits on volatility. It opens positions to take advantage on a rise and drop in the pair. During the Brexit process, the volatility has been extremely high and Fusion has capitalised. It is a standalone system so there are no other products that need to be added or purchased. It will open and close all the trades for you automatically.

Pro-Index is a very stable index trading algorithm, it trades multiple Indices such as Dow Jones /DAX / NASDAQ / FTSE 100 and CAC 40. You can choose to run it on one individual index or diversify and trade all of the indices on low risk. This would generate more stable returns with less fluctuations. The expert advisor trades mid-term time frames on the 60 minute time frame and trades professionally picked swing trading points with our unique algorithm. Each trade uses a stop loss on the algorithm ensuring that risk metrics are all protected from the initial opening of the trade. The algorithm manages multiple trades at a time, and each index it allows up to 3 trades to be open at any one point on each index. It trades each trade individually allowing for a growing equity chart whilst taking advantage of volatile stock exchanges.

This expert advisor can be downloaded via the link and added to your MT4 account. It is bespoke to each individual account size and allows the customer to capitalise on either low or medium risk profiles. Pro-Index is fully encrypted to be able to work on a single MT4 account with each purchase.

This fully automated forex trading system which makes profitable trading as easy as it can be for indices. There is virtually nothing the client needs to do once Pro-Index has been incorporated to their account.

The Pro-Index EA has been optimised to work with our preferred broker's pricing. In order to take full advantage of this optimisation, you should open an account with AxiTrader and be introduced to this account by Samuel ad Co Trading. To ensure you apply for the correct AxiTrader account, please click this link. To get started, purchase the expert advisor (Pro-Index) from the option on the right hand side and you will receive an email from one of our support staff that will give further direction on setting the account up to start the expert advisor.

Why Choose Pro-Index?

They may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Past performance should not be treated as a guide to future performance.



Minimum Advised

Account Size: £2,000

Fully Automated Trading System

Simple Setup Guide & Support

Back tested for 14 years

Diversified Across multiple Indices

50% OFF £ 1,900 +VAT

£950 + VAT


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