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TradeMate is a semi-automated forex trading system which makes profitable trading as easy as it can possibly be made. It scans the market continuously analysing technical conditions and provides you with precise entry and exit signals through audio and pop up notifications. Whenever TradeMate identifies a high probability setup the tool will notify the trader. This is a rarity that a Fund Manager will share his trading algorithm with the public but Samuel Leach believes that it can work for everyone. See below some of the precise entry and exit setups:

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One Off Fee

100% Rule Based!

Perfect for Day Trading

Precise Trading Signals

Built in Audio Alerts

Used by Samuel Leach

Analyses Current Market Trend

Rates Entry Signal Average/Strong

Colour Coded Entries

Pinpoint Exit Signals

Avoids Market Noise

Analyses Current Market Trend

Performs in Ranging Markets

Trades Gold and Stock Indices

Maximises Profits

Analyses 8 Market Factors to Generate Precise Entry