Learn how to trade with Samuel and Co Trading.

Learn the same trading strategies that Samuel has used over the years. Diversify your trading portfolios and style based on our FX and equity programmes whilst obtaining our CPD accredited certification.

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An Introduction to Samuel & Co

Samuel Leach started Samuel & Co Trading in 2012 after implementing his own personal trading strategies to grow his trading account. Over the years, this then caught the eye of the public.

Since our inception in 2012, we have expanded our client reach from not only the UK but globally too. Since 2016, we taught over 3,000 people from 63 countries how they could potentially build their wealth either through earning a second income from trading or learning how to become a trader full time through our various programmes.

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Samuel & Co Trading in the media

Fusion Software

Welcome to our trading system, and join hundreds of traders. The Expert Advisor trades currencies with little input once the parameters have been set. We utilised our background in technical and fundamental analysis to identify potentially high probability market entries to potentially benefit from the highly liquid currency market and compiled it into an automated tool. All you have to do is install the software, input your parameters and turn on.

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Learn to trade

Learn how to invest and trade within the Stock and Forex market with our training courses. We take you through a number of steps to understand how to invest smartly. Our courses range from one to one mentoring up to a two week intensive training programme with an IMC certified trader.

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