170 Pips. In 48 Hours.

170 Pips. In 48 Hours.

Stephen Witham

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Stephen W

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Another week in the markets – Another trade taken on Oil. Let’s go.


After the double bottom traded from mid-June (you can find in my previous articles). I have been waiting for price to reach the $60 support and resistance zone for any short opportunities to get me back in the market. However, In the midst of the price rising this week, I’ve managed to catch another long position after we had price pullback at the beginning of July.

Below I’ll break down the trade for you.

1 Hour

After the pullback we had at the beginning of July, price proceeded to range and consolidate within $56 – $57. With my bias still towards bullish momentum, I was waiting on a breakthrough of this zone to the upside, a pullback and then re-test to the resistance now turned support. Once this occurred, On Monday (8th July) I was given confirmation to enter long, and 2days later on Wednesday 10th July, price hit my take profit and closed me out for 170 pips profit and a 2.5:1 risk/reward.

4 Hour

Furthermore, pulling out from the hourly and taking a look on the 4 hour chart. We’ve had a breakthrough of this descending trendline, I am now expecting price to re-trace and test this trendline – turning resistance into support, which you can also see coincides with the .618 Fib retracement level. If this pullback is to occur, and I receive confirmation to enter – I’ll be looking to trade this once again to the buy-side back up towards the $60 handle.

Let’s see how this one pans out…I’ll be sure to keep you posted

Thanks for your time today

image sources: uk.tradingview.com

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