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Learning to trade can be very difficult with a vast amount of options out there. It is important you are learning from someone who is knowledgeable. On completion of this training you are awarded a CPD certification.

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Learning to trade can be very difficult with a vast amount of options out there. It is important you are learning from someone who is experienced and seasoned. On completion of this training, you are awarded a CPD certification.

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Benefits of our programme

  • Professional Stock Strategies that aim to remove the clutter and confusion from your charts
  • Professional Forex strategies that are designed to be simple to follow and easy to execute
  • 5 Hours Introductory Course Included helping perfect the basics of the market
  • 5 Hour Mindset Course Included, with the aim to improve your mental approach to trading
  • Over 40 lectures and 30 hours of content with unlimited access.

What you get

Our professional forex and stock trading course is a 3-part advanced training course which aims to teach you all of Samuel’s high probability price action and fundamental trading strategies. Much of Samuel’s knowledge about trading has been included. He shares his strategies, his ideas and his experiences with you.

The course also covers various aspects of stock and forex trading, including utilising money, money management, risk management, trading psychology and how to review and optimise your trading performance. The course is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the videos, Samuel has everything laid out in a simple step by step system that you will follow with the aim to learn as efficiently as possible. We offer free email support if you need help or assistance with anything.

What will you learn?

Part one

Lecture One – How to utilise money for wealth preservation and growth.

Lecture Two – Investment planning, learning to diversify capital.

Lecture Three – Portfolio Diversification, understanding different risk portfolios.

Part Two

Lecture One  Stock Market Technical terminology and understanding trading jargon

Lecture Two – How the stock market works and what we look for.

Lecture Three – Understanding the basics of technical trading.

Lecture Four – Stock Trend Identification and practice examples.

Lecture Five – Understanding Stocks Support and Resistance and practice examples.

Lecture Six – Identifying Candle Stick Patterns and practice examples.

Lecture Seven – How to enter the market, the process and calculating your risk.

Lecture Eight – Optimising Stock Picks and how to find reliable stocks.

Lecture Nine – FTSE Index Trading Strategy and trade management.

Lecture Ten – Advanced Stock Trading Strategy and trade management.

Part Three

Lecture One – Forex Market Basics and Terminologies

Lecture Two – Forex Indicators and Confluence Trading

Lecture Three – Forex Trends, Support and Resistance Identification and practice examples

Lecture Four – Understanding Pips, and Currency Correlation

Lecture Five – Lot Size Calculations and Calculating Risk

Lecture Six – Step by Step on entering a Forex Trade and News Locating and Meaning

Lecture Seven – Trade Reviewing and Positive Criticism

Lecture Eight – Forex Scalping Intraday Strategy and practice examples

Lecture Nine – Forex BackBone Intraday Strategy and practice examples


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Our website offers information about investing, but not personal advice. Please remember past performance is not a guide to future returns and that investments can go up and down in value, so you could get back less than you put in.

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